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How to look after your sea monkeys

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This is some of the information I have found out on how to look after your sea monkeys. I am testing these out at the moment. No harm in trying them too :)

  • Sea monkeys live in salty water so if you are changing the water or starting from scratch put some salt in the water. (The percentage of salt is 10% and this is only required if you don't have a sea monkey growing kit)
  • Their water needs to be kept clean. Change it roughly once a month. (Only do so if the water looks dirty)
  • If the water is cloudy it means that you are feeding them too much. Maybe change the feeding routine to make it less frequent or give them less food when you feed them. 
  • If you run out of sea monkey food use yeast and give them one or two pieces a day. (yeast is sea monkey food)
  • If you have lots of sea monkeys you should feed them more often.
  • Don't put tap water in their tank unless you have added salt to it.
  • Sea monkeys love the sun light but make sure they are not in direct sunlight otherwise their tank will get too hot.
  • If sea monkey eggs don't hatch within 24 hours then it probably means that their water is too cold. Increase the room temperature a little or move them to a warmer spot.
  • Algae in their water is a good thing because it gives them more oxygen. Just don't let it take over the tank because it could swap them. (It would also be nice to see your sea monkeys)