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Have hundreds of CDs? Maybe its time you cleared through them. Any CDs that you don't listen to any more or that you don't like give to charity. Put the CDs you have left over into a drawer stacking them so that you can see the names this helps save space. Another great thing to do is get a CD rack that either fastens onto your wall or sits on your desk. Then simply slot them in.
Article by Rosie Purnell

Sea monkeys

I understand that I have gone a little sea monkey mad but it would be a good idea to get sea monkeys as once you have them in the right conditions they are really simple to look after. The best way to buy them is from your local pet shop. Some fish eat sea monkeys so if you ask the staff I'm sure you would be able to come to some sort of an agreement. If you can't get them this way then they are quite cheap on Amazon. For helpful hint and tips on how to look after them look at the How to look after sea monkeys page on this site. Good luck with your sea monkeys! - sea monkeys deluxe pirate starter set - simple sea monkey tank
Article by Rosie Purnell